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My name is Walter Gemmell better known as Walt to all my friends and associates. After a career working for a large corporation I joined a small independent business eventually becoming the president before retiring 5 years ago. I also served a total of 32 years of active and reserve time with the USAF retiring as a Lt Col.

Although my business was computerized I was personally involved with other aspects of the business and didn’t even have a computer in my office. In order to keep my mind active, 3 years ago I decided to learn about computers, without taking any formal training I might add. One thing led to another and I began a new adventure in Internet marketing.

I have devoted and continue to devote much of my time to serving my community. It’s in that spirit I want to expand that service to help You get started whether your goal is to supplement your current income, start a new full time career, or perhaps, as a retiree make up some of your lost invested retirement income.

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How to Setup a Money Making Site in Less than 1  Week