Writing articles is a very important part of content marketing. Quite often, however, we who write articles seem to run out of ideas or get what is known as writer’s block.

I read this article by Charlie Page earlier this week on how to write articles and want to share it with you. Following are some of Charlie’s comments from this article:

“Article marketing is powerful and effective. Article marketing can also take many forms. Blogging, submitting articles to other sites, email marketing and writing short reports are all article marketing.

Writing but a few articles a week can lay the foundation for a very powerful, and profitable, online business.

Here is the formula I use to write articles.

Before we get to the “how to” let me say that this is but one of many proven models for writing articles. I personally rotate between about five article writing models (or templates) to keep things interesting for me and for you, my readers.

Of all those models this one is the easiest to use and the most pleasant for the reader of your article.

This article writing formula helps you help people, and helping people is what your article is going to have the following structure. Let’s look at the structure and then I will share for a moment about each item.

This overview assumes a five point article.
• Paragraph 1 – Define the problem.
• Paragrpah 2 – Review possible solutions
• Paragraph 3 – Propose your solution
• Paragraphs 4 – 8 – Your five step solution
• Paragraph 9 – Summarize your argument
• Paragraph 10 – Suggest an action step

Once you learn the process you will be able to write articles quickly from your own experience or from your observations or research.

You will be an article writing machine!

There you have it. I have written literally over 1000 articles using this very formula. It works for me and I believe it can work for you too.”

Charlie Page says if you can teach your daughter how to scramble eggs or your grandson how to shoot a basketball then you can write articles.
Read his publication “How To Write Articles” and you too may become an article writing machine!

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