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Does Affiliate Marketing Have a Future?

I read a recent article by Liane Dietrich that answers this question and also debunks some of the myths surrounding affiliate marketing and its future including those concerning its decline. I thought this might be a good way to close this series about affiliate marketing and help you decide whether it is a good fit for your online business.

Ms. Dietrich is Chief Operating Officer, and is responsible for the planning and execution of Rakuten LinkShare’s vision to deliver world class online marketing solutions. Her views are well worth your time and will certainly offer you a look at the traditions, significant points in development, and the force of affiliate marketing in the market place.

Following are a few highlights of this most interesting article:

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Over the past two weeks I have shared articles about how fast you can get started online with affiliate marketing followed by how you can get started, and then introduced you to some strategies to help you become a successful affiliate marketer.

The information I am providing you today comes from an article titled “Affiliate Marketing Success Is Waiting For You Here” written by Kurt Tasche who is known as The Marketing Ninja.

I have selected a few of the tips from his article to whet your appetite:

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What Is Affiliate Marketing

This is a good explanation, easy to understand, describing affiliate marketing by one of the top affiliate marketers on the Internet today. Enjoy.


Make a Real Start With Affiliate Marketing

I read this article and wanted to share it with you because it will not only assist you in your affiliate marketing, but also help you better understand strategies to lead you on the road to success.

This article was authored by an online entrepreneur who is a successful internet affiliate marketer and writer. His name is Rob Lauer and the tips which he provides are essential for effective affiliate marketing. Here are some excerpts:

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How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

In my last article I gave you a brief introduction to affiliate marketing.  I have another viewpoint to share with you today written by one of the most successful  internet marketers  and one for whom I have the greatest admiration. If you are considering affiliate marketing his perspective will provide an expanded overview to help you decide if affiliate marketing is for you.

The content in the article was written by Charlie Page and the entire article can be found HERE. I chose this article as a perfect supplement to my introduction to affiliate marketing and I encourage you to read the entire article. Here are some highlights:

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The Fastest Way To Get Started Online

I cannot think of a better or faster way to get started online than with affiliate marketing. You should choose a niche that you have a passion for, one that you have a lot of knowledge about or one in which you are very interested.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to supplement your income or retirement. And, many people earn a full time income online. One of the great benefits is your ability to choose from a variety of affiliate models. I have listed three of the models here to give you some tips for affiliate marketing.
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Multi-Level Marketing also known as Network Marketing has often received a bad name because of the numerous pyramid schemes today which disguise themselves as network marketing companies. However, MLM is a marketing strategy used by a lot of perfectly legitimate companies to build a large sales and marketing team for their product distribution.

The chief benefit for the company is that they do not have to hire employees to do their selling for them. Instead, they recruit independent distributers (affiliates) and only pay them when they achieve certain sales targets.

The company normally supplies marketing materials, but the affiliate pays for most of advertising costs. In addition the affiliate can usually recruit other distributors and qualify for additional compensation based on their sales..

It is often the case that distributers can earn far more by recruiting a large downline and training their recruits to duplicate their own recruiting and sales strategy, but that can be where questions of “legitimacy” and accusations of “pyramid selling” arise.

It is certainly true that there are many illegal pyramid schemes out there, and many of them disguise themselves as “Network Marketing” companies. However, not every company that bases its marketing strategy on a Network Marketing model is operating a pyramid scheme.

Regrettably, it can in fact be pretty hard to tell the difference.

What follows is based upon definitions of pyramid schemes and network marketing companies in the USA. You need to consider that different states have different definitions and that there are also various MLM and anti-pyramid statutes at federal as well as the state level.

Let’s examine the four things that will let distinguish the legitimate from the illegal.
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