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As you begin to do internet marketing you are going to speculate how to improve website traffic ranking so you can drive more visitors to your site. One of the best ways to do that is to develop backlinks.

A backlink is when you have your website URL on somebody else’s website. This link is pointing back to your site and can be a source of website traffic. Ultimately you will want to develop your own little mini worldwide web of links that are interchangeable and revolve around your site.

Let’s talk about a few ways you can improve website traffic ranking by developing these links.

1. Writing articles. Articles can be used in various ways to develop links to your website. The key in all of your articles is to build an author’s resource box with a link in it pointing back to your site.

One way is to submit them to article directories. In this case you would have a resource box with your website URL linked in it.

Blogging is a common way to develop backlinks from articles. You can hyperlink various keywords in the body of the articles to other pages on your site. This form of deep linking is an excellent way to develop repeat traffic and keep your people on your site longer.

2. Discussion Forums. Posting comments in discussion forums is a way to get high quality backlinks. This is also an excellent form of improving website traffic.

When you join a discussion forum you will need to set up a signature file. Think of this as a short classified ad where you can link back to your website in it.

The more discussions you participate in the more backlinks you will create. As these age the discussions themselves will rank for various keyword phrases that can develop you very high quality traffic.

3. Guest blogging. Write articles and submit them to other bloggers. Most bloggers are in need of fresh content and are willing to allow you a couple of links back to your site in the blog articles themselves.

4. Blog comments. Subscribe to Google Alerts and receive updates on blogs from Google. Visit these and leave comments. Every time you do this you are creating a link as well as potential website visitors from it.

These are a small sample of how to improve website traffic ranking with backlinks. This is an ongoing project that over time can lead to a tremendous amount of free traffic from the links you’re getting pointing back to your site.

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Have you been trying to achieve link building success without fully understanding why, other than attempting to get increased traffic to your website? Unless you understand why you are building back links you will find it difficult to develop an approach that will achieve the results you desire.

Normally, there are three basic reasons why people build back links to their website

• increase traffic
• improve their rankings
• increase their conversions

It’s necessary; therefore, to decide what it is that you want to achieve with backlinking in order to get the best results for your website. Let’s examine the three goals and see how to create a method to achieve them.

The most frequently discussed reason for building links to your website is to improve your search engine rankings. So you must first decide the results you will be satisfied with.

Perhaps you are competing with a highly competitive keyword. If that’s the case, you will probably begin by going after a first page place on a search engine. Once you get there you can increase your efforts to get into the top five rankings, top three rankings, and finally the top spot on Google.

It is much easier to move onto the first page than it is to move from spot number three to spot number two. It simply gets, more difficult the higher you go. If you first identify what result you will be happy with, it will be easier to create the right strategy. .

Increasing website traffic is the second reason for building links back to your website.
Aside from search engine rankings, it is important to understand the backlinks can generate traffic in a variety of different ways.

For example, signature links in forum profiles can generate a lot of traffic if you are active in the forum and well regarded as a reliable member. At the same time, these links may have a minor effect on your search engine rankings.

If you are looking to gain traffic directly from your back link then it is important to ensure that your building backlinks in areas related to your websites topic. Otherwise, it won’t matter how well regarded you are on the forum.

Increasing conversion rate is the final reason people develop link building campaigns. Here it is very important to develop a strategy which will provide you with highly targeted traffic.

Again, your link building campaign must be related closely to your website. Along with relevancy, you should also focus on building back links in areas where they will be seen not only by people interested in your topic, but also those who are ready to take action in some way.

You may derive some benefit from building backlinks without a plan but I doubt you will have a lot of success. Just as a business plan is important in your business, it is essential to establish a clear goal that you desire to achieve and then develop an approach that provides you with the best chance of realizing link building success.

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