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A preponderance of bloggers throw in the towel within a year or so. Sometimes, it is because they lose interest or realize blogging is not something they want to take seriously and commit to. However and unfortunately, generally it is because they encounter common problems and can’t figure out how to overcome them.

Let’s look at some of these problems to help you achieve blogging success.

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What are Free Traffic Exchanges?

There are thousands of free traffic exchanges online today. The trick is to find the ones that work best for you. Not all free traffic exchanges are created equal and the most active ones or biggest ones are not necessarily the best ones for your needs.

Free traffic exchanges are a great marketing tool for a variety of reasons. The most obvious reason is that you get lots of people looking, and hopefully clicking on your website or promotional pages. But there are hidden benefits to free traffic exchanges you may not have even considered.

Search engines love free traffic exchanges. The incoming and outgoing links they generate is one major thing the search engines are looking for. Plus the rapidly changing content is another reason the search engines love these things.

Traffic Exchanges that have more content also generate a higher page rank, and therefore more traffic, and increased memberships.

The key is to find exchanges that are very active and have lots of members. The more members they have, the more potential customers you get looking at your offer and your chances for sales conversions are that much better. But bigger isn’t always better.

We all know clicking on ads in a free traffic exchange can be very boring, monotonous and can take a lot of time. That’s why you need to make the best of your opportunity or you will just be wasting a lot of your time and effort on something that just isn’t working.

If you have your own niche website, then you already differentiated yourself from the pack. If you are an affiliate marketer, then you need to make yourself a good splash page to capture the leads attention and get them to click through to your site. This is the key having success with Free Traffic Exchanges.

One way to use free traffic exchanges to your advantage is to join a few at first, and see if your sales pick up. If your sales aren’t doing well, then test out a few more.

When you do find a few traffic exchanges that appear to be generating sales for you, then narrow those down until you find the ones that are working. Now concentrate your efforts on those because they’re the ones you want.

Things may change and sales may start to fall. You must always be watching your results. If or when sales start falling, it is time to change your splash page or design another one. Always design 2 at a time and measure the results from both. This way you can scrap the ones that don’t get a very good click through and keep the ones that convert.

If you’re going to be using multiple free traffic exchanges, and I recommend that you do, your first priority should be to pick up a multi-tab web browser such as Modzilla Firefox. You can download that free at firefox.com.

Getting free traffic to your website is a lot of work. If you don’t have the money to spend on full blown PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns like Google AdWords, free traffic exchanges are a great way to get the traffic you need to succeed.

There are many ways to earn money with a home business. Finding the best one is not difficult to do if you approach it correctly. Here are a few tips on how to do that.

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I know when I first started trying to earn money online I wondered if I really could do it. That was several years ago and not much has changed. You have probably asked yourself, “can I really earn money on the Internet“, and may not even know the answer yet.

Basically you need to consider 2 things.

1. Are you teachable?


2. Are you motivated?

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Starting work from home business ideas can be divided into 2 categories. Working for someone in the form of telecommuting or working for yourself such as starting home business.

1. Actually there are many examples of people who do telecommuting that are really working for themselves. A good example of this would be a virtual assistant.

You stay at home and do things for a business as opposed to going into an office and working for them. Depending on your time demand you might be able to work for more than one company doing this.

A virtual assistant is somebody who handles things for a business such as email, answering the telephone, typing, and even internet marketing. If you have computer skills you can start your own home business as a virtual assistant.

2. Another example of things you can do that are more work oriented includes taking paid surveys. Companies will pay you for your opinion and you can make money around your own schedule.

Some people really turn this into a home business and do it full time. Generally you will need to take surveys as well as refer new members to various survey programs to get your income into the full-time range.

3. Companies will pay you to enter data for them. Data entry jobs are available in various ways. If you like to type you can make money filling out forms, posting in discussion forums, posting blog comments, and so on.

4. eBay. More millionaires have been created buying and selling products on eBay than any other way on the Internet. Today the majority of your work can be done from home and you can turn this into a full-time business participating in various auctions.

5. Affiliate marketing business. Affiliate programs are generally free to join and you can make money in various ways. You can sell products in both physical and digital information format.

You can get paid to get leads for businesses. Google will even pay you to post ads from the Google Adsense program. All this can be done from home and your income can be turned into a home business.

You can also Google search the keyword phrase “starting work from home business ideas” and visit some of the websites that come up. You are going to be amazed in the many different ways that people are making money working from home today. Finding one that appeals to you is not hard to do and getting started is generally easy as well.

If you have no experience with marketing,you will have to take some time to learn and it may be a struggle. However, it doesn’t have to be. The Affiliate Power Group can really help you. Give them a try. You will be happy once you see the results.

Work From Home Income While You Sleep

The Internet makes it possible for you to develop a work from home income 24 hours a day.  People who have only worked at a job in their life find it hard to believe you can actually make money even when you’re sleeping.

Of course this takes Internet marketing skills to make it happen. However, if you’re willing to invest some time learning how to develop a work from home income the Internet can work for you even when you are not.

Let’s talk about 4 ways you could get started doing that right away as an affiliate marketer.

1. Sell physical products. Join the affiliate program at Amazon.com and you will immediately have all kinds of products to sell.

One strategy is to look at what’s going on in the marketplace, find products at Amazon fill that need, start a marketing campaign to promote your Amazon affiliate link, and you can start making money.

Another strategy is to target big ticket items. Amazon has many products that sell for thousands of dollars that you can earn commissions on. This is a more specialized form of affiliate marketing, and once you learn how to do it you can make a lot of money in a very hands-off way.

2. Sell digital products that solve people’s problems. ClickBank is a great website to find digital information products to sell.

This affiliate program is free to join and with one ID number you can sell thousands of products right after your account is set up. People go online looking for information to help them with problems they have. This is a great opportunity for you to make money from home.

3. Google Adsense. They are the largest pay per click affiliate program. This doesn’t require any selling on your part because you make money when people click on ads.

The strategy here is to build a large number of websites, add fresh content to them on a regular basis, and incorporate Google ads into every page. As your traffic increases people will be clicking on your ads 24 hours a day earning money.

4. Cost per action programs. The most common affiliate income from this is to get leads for an advertiser. However, any action that is performed by a website visitor could earn you money with this business model.

This is a good way to develop a work from home income while you sleep because again you’re not selling anything. When people fill out short forms you earn money from the affiliate merchant you represent.

I have found affiliate marketing to be one of the most profitable home business ideas on the Internet today. However, many people do not approach affiliate marketing the correct way. Let me lay out 4 specific things you should do to earn money at home as an affiliate marketer and be profitable with it.

1. Monthly hosting. Set up a hosting account with a quality hosting company such as Host Gator. They will let you host unlimited websites for about $10 a month.

It doesn’t matter whether you have one website or 100 websites, the monthly cost is the same. When you do this you control the content that you set up on your website and you can promote multiple affiliate offers by just adding a new website.

2. Buy your own domain names. Include the keyword phrase that relates to the theme of the affiliate product you are promoting.

Go Daddy is the largest domain company on the Internet. Use coupon codes you can find online to save money when you purchase a domain name.

3. Autoresponder. I like Get Response as a quality auto responder company. This is where you will store your prospects name and email address for future follow-up.

One of the best ways to be profitable in affiliate marketing is to build email lists for various products you are promoting. Because people need to see an offer more than one time before they will purchase it, you need to be able to follow up with him.

The other advantage of building an email list is you can promote new affiliate products in the future.  As your list grows your affiliate sales will grow as well.

4. Ways to make money. There are basically 4 ways to make money as an affiliate marketer.

You can get paid by the sale, by the lead, by the click, or in a two-tier affiliate program. 2 tier programs are excellent for affiliate marketers who want to recruit members and help them make sales.

Chances are you will use more than one of these ways to make money. As a matter of fact you may implement every one of them into your website.

However, be sure and focus on a specific theme for your website or a specific product. If you want to promote something different, just set up a new website and domain name for it.

These are several ways you can do affiliate marketing the right way. When it comes to profitable home business ideas affiliate marketing continues to be the best way for an average person to earn money online.

If you want to earn money at home as an affiliate and get help from 5 successful internet marketers who are dedicated to your success check out the Affiliate Power Group.

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