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Keys to Successful Forum Viral Marketing

In order to be successful using forums to do viral marketing there are some things that are required.

Do Your Homework: Prior to joining any forum, you must do some research.
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For a long time now an effective way to promote your website, products is in forums and on message boards. It is also an ideal way to interact with potential customers. While these platforms are ideal for raising awareness about your offer, they can also be detrimental to your reputation if they are not leveraged correctly.

It is important to keep in mind that forums and message boards are primarily used for conversation and information gathering purposes rather than obvious self-promotion. Here are 5 ways to help you enhance your forum marketing.

1. Establish your integrity before marketing

If you begin your forum marketing by immediately advertising and soliciting you are sure to create a negative reputation. Not only that, but it also increases your risk of being banned by moderators.

It is impossible to leverage forum marketing effectively if you are not allowed to participate in the forums your potential customers are active in. Therefore, it is essential that you interact with other people on forums and message boards to gain credibility before marketing your products to them.

2. Do not act like a regular member

There is no reason to pretend to be just another regular member on a forum if your true intention is to promote your company and your products. Forum members are not idiots and will quickly see through this guise and damage your company’s reputation.

There is nothing wrong with stating that you are representing your business. If anything, this is beneficial because any time you provide valuable advice to other members, it builds the credibility of both you and your business.

3. Become a valuable contributor

Forums and message boards move quickly which means if you are not active on a daily or frequent basis then you will quickly fall behind and lose visibility. The key is not only posting on a regular basis, but making sure that you are becoming a valuable part of the conversation. Simply posting rehashed information about your products or services does not provide value so it is important that you participate in a way that provides real value.

4. Be an active conversationalist

The primary purpose of a forum or message board is to promote conversation. As a result, during your forum marketing activities you will likely gain a number of comments, questions, and even criticisms. It is essential to respond to all of them.

When you do receive criticism never respond in kind. Keep a positive attitude when responding to criticisms. By engaging them in conversation, you not only have the ability to gain a new customer but it also demonstrates to others that you actively acknowledge and care what others think about your products and services as well as their satisfaction with them.

5. Consider paid advertising

Paying for banner advertising on forums is quite common, and there is considerable benefit to buying banner advertising space in forums. If you have been participating and have already established a solid reputation among other members, it also shows the forum owner that you have a vested interest in helping their forum remain active and successful.

Forum marketing provides you an opportunity to go directly to where your target audience is gathering, and it also allows you to engage in direct conversation with them. The key is to make use of these 5 tips to effectively enhance your forum marketing.