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Internet marketers need to achieve two fundamental skills in order to become successful and profitable. One is to use an autoresponder to build a list of targeted prospects, and the other is to develop a trustful and beneficial relationship with those prospects.

Professional autoresponder services like Get Response or Aweber are better as they provide more options. Some of these benefits are: helping to build long term relationships, ensure better email delivery, obtaining measurable results of your efforts and enabling continuous marketing without hiring help.

For increasing the profitability of your autoresponder I recommend you do these four things:

1.Improve Your Headlines

You may write absolutely great content, but if your readers never open it goes for naught.

There are various ways to improve your subject lines. Here are some that you should try:

* Turn your headline into a question
* Create Curiosity
* Try a Negative Title
* Write an Attention Grabbing Headline
* Start with an Action Word

Keep your Headlines as short as practical as more and more people are reading email on their smart devices.

2 .Lead your Readers to take Action

*Do not be afraid to ask your readers to take action and tell them what action to take. You may want them to read a review of a product you wrote about on a recent blog post or to join a program. Whatever it is, tell them what you want them to do.

Readers usually will not take action on their own so you will leaving a lot of money on the table if you do not conclude every email message with a clear Call to Action.

3.Design for Easy Read

*Keep sentences short.
*Write conversationally.
*Keep paragraphs short.
*Add headings and subheadings to make it easy to scan.

Correct formatting for easy reading is what most people like today and really helps those who read on their smart devices.

4.Check out the Competition

*There are many successful internet marketers from whom you can learn from their communication skills. Some of these are Seth Godin(, Charlie Page(CommonSenseInternet Marketing) , Chris Brogan(, and Brian Clark(Coppyblogger).

*I read Seth’s blog daily and the others frequently and even market one of Charlie’s products which you can find Here!

*You can learn and imitate the best efforts of successful marketers, but never copy their work. Use their methods to fit your marketing.

For increasing the profitability of your autoresponder these four ways not only work fast but are free, and all it takes is some time and effort to succeed.

Walt Gemmell

Someone is Watching You! Be Careful What you Post

I hope you are not one who enjoys attacking others by pointing out their weaknesses or delights in debating the beliefs of others, or just exhibiting a general overall negative attitude. This can be deadly if you are attempting to become a successful internet marketer.

Whether or not you know it, every item you post on the Internet contributes to defining who you seem to be. In fact just about everything you do from posting blogs to commenting on Facebook or tweeting can contribute to how others see you.

If you are someone who tends to encourage others and are generally positive it will impact your image and reputation as a business owner and service provider. This is compounded if you offer insight and advice to others seeking solutions in fields where you have some experience?

Facebook conducted an experiment to test the effect of suppressing or emphasizing positive or negative comments in users’ feeds to test “emotional contagion” It was found that when they reduced the number of positive comments “people produced fewer positive posts and more negative posts; when negative expressions were reduced, the opposite pattern occurred.” (source
= )

It would be good for each of has to pause occasionally to examine the attitude we are expressing in our online activities. Make sure that we are expressing the right attitude to achieve success in our internet marketing business.

We are all capable of having “bad days” occasionally so we should be especially careful on those days of what we post and of the comments we make. Remember, someone is watching.

“Isn’t it only little minded people who fail or forget to show simple courtesy?” John Wanamaker
Walt Gemmell

Have you found it difficult to get followers and to brand yourself as someone who has credibility as an internet marketer? If that seems to be your problem perhaps you should give thought to writing a book.

You say, “who me?” I am not a writer and beside that it is too hard. While it may be easier said than done it’s not as difficult as you may think.

One reason I say this is if you have been blogging for awhile, you can revise and adapt your blog posts into a book format.

Another reason is, it’s no longer necessary to use a publishing house to publish a book.

There are many online options for self-publishing, including three that we will look at in this article.
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Overcome 4 Fears to Master The Ability to Sell

Of the thousands of people who start an online business each day it is estimated that only about 5% are successful. There are many reasons the failure rate is so high but the one vital skill that seems to be missing is developing the ability to sell.

There are some who are a natural when it comes to the ability to sell, but for most it is an acquired skill. If you are willing to learn and develop your sales skills you can master the ability to sell.

Regrettably, a lot of people do not want to have to deal with the time and effort required in building an online business. They realize that “Internet marketing” is not as easy as they anticipated, and they simply quit.

Why be one of those people? Focus on the vision you have for your business and the goals you are aiming to achieve through it.
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Marketing on the Internet can seem quite impersonal since so much of it has been automated. However, if you use the “permission model” of marketing people are much more likely to buy from you because they “know, like and trust” you.

Would you rather buy from an anonymous website or from a website where you know, like and trust the owner? I am sure the “personally branded” website will win generally. This is especially true if the owner has reached out to build a relationship with his or her potential customer base.

It does not matter if the website owner has automated the steps that lead towards the sale, as long as each step in the process is personalized in some way and speaks directly to the needs of the prospective customers in such a way as to make them feel that their concerns are being addressed in a friendly and sympathetic manner.

I have referred to Seth Godin in previous articles. He is very well known in internet marketing and has one of the highest rated blogs on the Internet. One of his books is titled Permission Marketing and in that book he compared marketing to dating.

So how does internet marketing resemble dating and how do you get a first date..?

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The majority of people who start an online business will give up before they give their business a chance to succeed. That is pretty discouraging for anyone considering an online business. So let’s take a look at what it takes to become a successful internet marketer.

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Burnout is most often associated with bloggers because they typically generate the most content. However, while burnout may be a more noticeable issue for bloggers it is something that can affect any internet marketer.

This is especially true if you are just getting started and are forced to manage everything yourself. Fortunately, there are a few easy tips you can use to prevent marketing burnout-or at least reduce the impact of it. Here are 4 that work like crazy:

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