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Businesses large and small and all sizes in between generally follow the same steps from beginning to end in building their business .

The author of this article is one of my favorites. Seth Godin is an

American author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker.

Following are the four steps of organizational growth from his article:

“We see the same four steps, over and over:

Struggle: At the beginning, no one knows what you make or why they need it. They are unaware and distrustful too.

Servant: As a soon-to-be-successful organization gains traction, it has a choice.

Bully: As the organization gains power (and constituents) it is under pressure to increase profits and market share and lock in.

Utility: No organization stays in bully mode forever.

While the easy examples to find are the famous, international ones, this can happen on the micro level, within industries or locations or sects as well.”

Seth Godin introduced the idea that advertisements on television and radio are “interruption marketing” which interrupt the customer while they are doing something of their preference. Godin promoted the concept of “permission marketing” where the business provides something “anticipated, personal, and relevant”

I find his articles thought provoking and to the point. Read Four Steps on the Road to Organizational Growth, Dominance or Irrelevance to learn how to reach the “sweet spot” in building your business.

Multi-tasking seems to be the hallmark of success these days. What with all the modern technology many believe it is possible to accomplish much more in much less time. Is that really true?
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Just a personal note to preface this article: I haven’t posted for awhile for two reasons.
I had to replace my computer and then encountered a number of gliches that needed repairing, and then I was ill for over two weeks. I apologize and will makee every effort to stay in touch at least once aweek.

Have you signed up for more than one program and failed to make money? If you are like I was and a great number of other aspiring internet marketers have been the answer is likely – yes.

So, what is holding you back from success and what are you going to do about it?

The truth is that common repeating patterns of behavior can be found for Internet marketing failure as well as success. In this article I will look at some of the more common behavioral patterns that virtually guarantee that you will fail as a network marketer on the Internet.

Research has determined that common behavior patterns have been found for both internet marketing success as well as why there is failure. Let’s examine those that predict failure.
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Multi-Level Marketing also known as Network Marketing has often received a bad name because of the numerous pyramid schemes today which disguise themselves as network marketing companies. However, MLM is a marketing strategy used by a lot of perfectly legitimate companies to build a large sales and marketing team for their product distribution.

The chief benefit for the company is that they do not have to hire employees to do their selling for them. Instead, they recruit independent distributers (affiliates) and only pay them when they achieve certain sales targets.

The company normally supplies marketing materials, but the affiliate pays for most of advertising costs. In addition the affiliate can usually recruit other distributors and qualify for additional compensation based on their sales..

It is often the case that distributers can earn far more by recruiting a large downline and training their recruits to duplicate their own recruiting and sales strategy, but that can be where questions of “legitimacy” and accusations of “pyramid selling” arise.

It is certainly true that there are many illegal pyramid schemes out there, and many of them disguise themselves as “Network Marketing” companies. However, not every company that bases its marketing strategy on a Network Marketing model is operating a pyramid scheme.

Regrettably, it can in fact be pretty hard to tell the difference.

What follows is based upon definitions of pyramid schemes and network marketing companies in the USA. You need to consider that different states have different definitions and that there are also various MLM and anti-pyramid statutes at federal as well as the state level.

Let’s examine the four things that will let distinguish the legitimate from the illegal.
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People prefer to buy from people they “know, like and trust.”The question is how can you get other people to “like” you and trust you, especially when it is unlikely that you will ever meet face-to-face offline?
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Marketing on the Internet can seem quite impersonal since so much of it has been automated. However, if you use the “permission model” of marketing people are much more likely to buy from you because they “know, like and trust” you.

Would you rather buy from an anonymous website or from a website where you know, like and trust the owner? I am sure the “personally branded” website will win generally. This is especially true if the owner has reached out to build a relationship with his or her potential customer base.

It does not matter if the website owner has automated the steps that lead towards the sale, as long as each step in the process is personalized in some way and speaks directly to the needs of the prospective customers in such a way as to make them feel that their concerns are being addressed in a friendly and sympathetic manner.

I have referred to Seth Godin in previous articles. He is very well known in internet marketing and has one of the highest rated blogs on the Internet. One of his books is titled Permission Marketing and in that book he compared marketing to dating.

So how does internet marketing resemble dating and how do you get a first date..?

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What is your first thought when someone attempts to sell you something? I know my reaction and a lot of others I know is to immediately go on the defensive and begin to raise objections.

You may adopt a “hard-sell” attack-dog style, lead with your product offer and aim to crush their objections with killer headlines, compelling sales content and a lot of double-talk. If you are really good at it, you will get some results. However, most people are not good at it, and even if they are, that approach simply turns most people off.

As an Internet marketer, you should always keep in mind that the truth is people love buying stuff but they hate being sold to.
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