new content ideas for your blog Archives

Whether you write your own blog articles or hire a freelance writer, you need to keep your blog updated with content that people want to read. Fresh content is the lifeblood of any blog. Here are some ideas and sources for doing that.

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If you are anything like me, you have experienced writer’s block from time to time when trying to create content for your website or blog. In those instances neither your knowledge level of your subject nor your interest seem to matter. Taking some time off will often help; however, this isn’t always an alternative if you are trying regularly to update your website or blog.

Luckily, there are many easy content creation formulas that can help provide inspiration for you. Here are 6 of them which you can use to implement with very little effort.

1. The first of these is simply to apply some comprehensive analysis to a recognized technique or theory.  If you are running short of ideas, looking at previous questions and comments that you’ve received can be a great source of inspiration.  The same is true of glancing through social websites such as Facebook and Twitter.  You can simply choose an idea to which you can add information and start creating your content.

2. Using a “How To” approach can be a great way to find inspiration as well. All you have to do is answer a question that a reader has already asked.  The neat thing is you can choose five or six questions to answer and provide short answers to each.  This will make it feel like you are not writing nearly as much as you are, while still providing valuable content to your readers.

3. Make a prediction about the future. In most cases, the bulk of the predictions can be fairly obvious. Occasionally it’s a good idea to include at least one which is controversial that will grab the reader’s attention.

These types of articles usually contain multiple sub headers. Therefore, to increase the chances that your readers will at least glance through your entire article you should place the most interesting prediction last.

4. Create a post of frequently asked questions.  While this isn’t something you should do every day, writing one or two of these types of articles per month can be beneficial.  Not only does it show your readers that you are really listening to them, but also that you are a credible and authoritative source to provide them with answers.

This will also make it more likely they will come to you instead of your competition the next time they have a question because you have illustrated that you are willing to take the time to provide them with answers. It further proves that you are interested in their success.

5. Question a popular concept .within your niche. There are bound to be certain popular perceptions which you may not agree with. If you are low on ideas, then it is the perfect time to create a post in which you question the popular view.  Not only do these types of articles tend to be shared by readers, but it also demonstrates that you are knowledgeable enough to understand the custom and also recognize its inefficiencies.

6. Relate a story about yourself. Your goal should be to educate and at the same time be entertaining. This shouldn’t be difficult or time consuming and will help your readers realize that you are a real person. This is a great way to connect with people.

Creating content for your website doesn’t have to be difficult and these 6 content creating ideas should help you through those times when you encounter writer’s bloc.