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My Review of the Affiliate Power Group

earn at home

The Affiliate Power Group (APG for short) is an online coaching group intended for both newbies who want to start making money online and more experienced website owners who need help getting more traffic and sales.

This is my review of the Affiliate Power Group based on my experience with them in order for you to make the decision whether or not it is right for you.

What do You Get?
•    4 Caring Experienced Internet Marketing Coaches in a private member forum.
•    A 12 Week Traffic Action Plan.
•    A Learning Center full of internet marketing training videos and guides.
•    A Download Area containing hundreds of PLR Articles and MRR/PLR EBooks (Home

Business/IM and Niche Topics).
•    Help to Build a Website.
•    Big Discounts on Ready Made Niche Affiliate Sites.
•    A Free WordPress install (non trial members only).
•    10 new PLR/MRR EBooks each month (Home Business/IM and Niche Topics).
•    100 or more new PLR articles each month.
What Type Of Training Is Covered?

Many topics are covered both in the step by step action plans and in the video training. These include but are not limited to:
•    Research and Planning
•    Website Creation
•    WordPress Training
•    Webmaster Training
•    Keyword Research
•    Search Engine Optimization
•    List Building
•    Article Marketing
•    Backlink Building Social Marketing
•    Social Bookmarking
•    Outsourcing
•    Twitter Niche Marketing
•    Pay Per Click
•    Cost Per Action (CPA)
•    Marketing Tools

What’s To Like About the Affiliate Power Group?

If you are just getting started in the online business and not sure how to get started, the Affiliate Power Group is a great way for you to get on track for success, with your own website and marketing plan.

On the other hand, you may already have a website, but need technical help, more traffic or more sales. If that’s the case, you can get a lot out of the Affiliate Power Group, both from the action plan and learning center and also from the 1 on 1 coaching section of the forum.

What is the Private Forum Like?

When I entered the forum for the first time I was impressed at how friendly everyone is. In some online forums you’ll get shot down for asking a question that has already been answered or including an affiliate link in your signature. Not the Affiliate Power Group!

There is no such thing as a stupid question in here and you’ll find that the staff and the members are all very friendly and welcoming. It is like a little community where everyone helps one other.

There are a few different sections the forum, including a section on traffic building, another on search engine optimization, and a general marketing section. There is also an off topic section.

One of the most important is the 1 on 1 Coaching section where you can get an in-depth critique of your website and help with marketing techniques and some constructive suggestions for how to improve.

What are the Downsides of the Affiliate Power Group?

I haven’t experienced any real downsides. However, the one thing that is not included in the training program is anything about product creation. But, if you have a product and need help promoting it I am sure you will find the training and the coaching very useful.

What is The Cost?

You can take a 10 day trial run for just $1 and then pay $39.95 per month. If you think you will be a member for more than a few months you can save money by opting for a quarterly price of $109.95 or a yearly price of $297. The yearly price will save you 38%.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for a 10 day trial of the Affiliate Power Group for $1 here – .
I hope you have found this review helpful.

I would just add that the Affiliate Power Group has been and continues to be very helpful to me. Earlier in my entry into internet marketing I paid really big money for training and actually learned very little. In fact, I was more confused than anything and had no idea of how to do any internet marketing.

The Affiliate Power Group provides comprehensive affiliate internet marketing in easy to understand language. They cover the details from A to Z and they truly care about your success. This program is a great bargain and will not break your budget. I recommend the Affiliate Power Group without reservation – click here to take the 10 day trial for just $1.

A Review of My World Plus

My review of My World Plus is based on my experience with the program as an affiliate and is my attempt to give you a fair assessment of the program so that you can make an informed decision whether or not it is right for you.

What is My World Plus?

a review of my world plus

My World Plus is both a business opportunity and a way to save money on groceries, restaurants, shopping, dining, and sporting events, movies, golf green fees and much more.

The membership includes a discount card and access to a database full of discounts that can be searched on by type and area.

The business opportunity, on the other hand, pays instant commissions whenever someone joins My World Plus using your link and monthly commissions are based on all members who joined after you.

How can it Help You?

The discount card immediately starts saving money for you. The discounts include well known brands such as McDonald’s, Macy’s, Sears, Target, and at over 600 other stores.

My wife has made good use of this program on her occasional shopping sprees using the coupons both for lunches and discounts at the stores.

We check for coupons every month. You can save as much as 50% off on meals at some restaurants, and there are coupons that will save money on your groceries. This can be areal help in this time of rising food prices.

The business opportunity is set up to pay you instant commissions when someone chooses to join My World PLUS by using your link, as well as monthly commissions that are based on anyone who becomes a member after you. Thus you also have a work at home opportunity to earn passive income.

Is there any Training Available?

The member center has a training section where you can access a library of training calls and read about how to use the savings and how to make money with My World Plus. There are also six live training calls every week that you can join.

What is the Cost?

The full membership includes access to all the discounts and the business opportunity which gives you the ability to earn commissions on personal sales and company sales. The cost is a  one time charge of  $69.95 and $19.95 a month thereafter.

Should you decide on the member discount plan only, the cost is just $19.95 a month, and you could save more than that by making full use of the plan.

What’s to Like about My World Plus?

No matter where you live you can promote My World Plus and get paid commissions through Global Exchange.

The program has an excellent compensation plan, a terrific marketing and follow up system, and a wide range of available discounts.

You are provided with 7 lead capture pages and all you need to do is get visitors to these pages. Once they arrive there and provide the requested information they will become a “Pre Enrollee”.

Are there any Downsides?

From what I have observed so far, the only negative point, in my opinion is that there are not as many great discounts for people living outside Canada and the USA.

I hope you found this Review of My World Plus helpful. I don’t believe in hard selling or trying to get people to sign up for opportunities that are not right for them so I have tried to give you a fair analysis in this review to assist you in making an informed decision.

To further assist you in making the right decision I encourage you to visit My World Plus and take a Free tour.

I purchased Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer several weeks ago, have used it twice and I am amazed at the ease of use and the great results. This is my personal review of this software tool.

What is Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer?

Briefly, it is software that you can use to analyze the competition of a list of keywords that you have gotten from the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

What does it do for you?

Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer automates the keyword research process.

It helps you find keywords that you can rank for and ones that have commercial value.

SKCA relieves you of the work of researching for information on each keyword.

The software provides a system that tells you the best target keywords.

How does it work?

You upload your list of keywords into the Analyzer to find:

The number of competing pages

The average PR (page rank) of the top 10 sites

The competition rating and the overall keyword rating

Some of the data provided

Cost Per Click
Searches per month
Page rank strength
The number of web pages found in Google when you search for the exact keyword(s)
Absolute competing pages
A score to indicate the competition strength
The number of Adwords for the keyword on the first page of Google
The overall rating of the keyword; ie: amazing, great, good, fair or poor

What is the cost?

I would have anticipated paying at least $67 for this software, but was surprised when the price was only $17. I believe the price will increase in the future. However, one thing that won’t cost anything is future updates. They are FREE.
A free report, The Cutting Edge Research Report, valued at $27 is included with the purchase of the software.

What do I like About Strength Keyword Competition Analyzer?

First, is the ease of use and it helps you avoid targeting the wrong keywords. This tool pinpoints the best keywords to target and helps in judging properly the competition.

It has also helped me identify keywords that I have previously overlooked.

What are the weaknesses?

The chief inconvenience I’ve found is that it takes a lot of time for the system to complete the analysis after the keywords are uploaded. So, you should not expect to get instant results. I just find something else to do while the system is doing its job.

I trust you have found this review of the Strength Keyword Competition Analyzer helpful. It certainly has been helpful to me in the brief time I’ve owned it and I recommend it without hesitation.

A Review of Market Samurai

I purchased this product 2 years ago and I use it frequently. Therefore this is an authentic review of Market Samurai a product that I use on a regular basis.

What is Market Samurai?

Briefly, Market Samurai is software that can be used on either your PC or your MAC. It provides you with the entire vital search engine marketing functions you need. It is not just a keyword research tool; it is, in essence, an all-in-one internet marketing tool.

If you have done keyword research you know that keywords need to have high traffic and low competition. Market Sam is designed to make your internet marketing promotion much simpler and less time consuming.

Try Market Samurai now for free!

What Does It Do For You?

Market Samurai helps you complete vital internet marketing tasks efficiently and get better results than you’ve ever had before.

It is a great time saver and eliminates those items that may have previously wasted your time without providing any beneficial results.

It is also a good guide. It indicates your next move so that you avoid getting lost or diverted.

Videos to Help You

Keyword Research

Includes eleven videos to assist you in keyword research, assessing market competition, finding long tail keywords, how to sign up for a Google Adwords account, how to avoid targeting the wrong keywords, how to assess the commerciality of your keywords and more.

SEO Competition

The videos here are: introduction to SEO competition, how to assess the strength of competition, how to gain a competitive advantage and how to unmask your Google competition.


This tool shows you how to find a new domain name or even an expiring or dropped domains.


The videos for this feature teach such things as: an introduction to monetization, how to find products and assess market possibility, how to write a compelling ad in just minutes, how to publish an ad to your website, and how to sign up for the Google Adsense program.

Find Content

This feature allows you to find content in some of the largest article directories, blogs, YouTube and  news sites, and the video shows you how.

Publish Content

Here you learn how to add your WordPress blogs and publish the content you’ve found


This module allows you and the video shows you how to find backlink opportunities.

What is the Cost?

I would have expected to pay a pretty hefty monthly fee for a tool such as this but there is no monthly fee. The total cost is a one time payment of $149 which also gives you lifetime Market Samurai software updates giving you access to new and updated tools as they evolve.

You also get Priority Email Support from the help desk. I have used this service several times and it is outstanding.

What’s to Like About Market Samurai?

It is a great SEO research tool and I would define it as an all-in-one internet marketing tool. It’s incredible how the different modules have been arranged to make it easier and less time consuming to develop your internet marketing campaign.

If you use WordPress you can publish to one or more sites from Market Samurai.

There are continuous updates and improvements and they are all free.

The training and support are absolutely the best and you will find that the training is worth even more than the cost of the software.

What are the Weaknesses?

In the beginning you may be a little apprehensive due to the wealth of information that is available. The videos are very good and they are there to help you.

The Rank Tracker in Market Samurai is sufficient for many users but most dedicated rank tracker software is better.

I trust you have found this review of Market Samurai helpful.

This has been a product from which I have learned not only about keyword research and search engine optimization but also much more about internet marketing. There is so much information and I continue to learn, and I recommend this software to you without reservation.

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention you can try it free for 30 days and if you decide to purchase it within the first 7 days after you sign up you will save $52 off the $149 purchase price.