Creating a stream of high quality, pertinent content every day does not pose any great challenge for large companies and the successful internet marketers. However, for small, struggling, internet entrepreneurs, creating good quality relevant content is one of the major challenges they face.

Content creation and link building are two things that every webmaster who wants to get better search engine rankings must focus on, and the center of attention must be on first learning to do keyword research and then to re-purpose your content after you have created it.

1. Keyword Research

The free Google Keyword Tool provides a way you can research what people are searching for in your niche.

When researching keyword phrases on the Google Keyword Tool, uncheck the “Broad Match” checkbox and check the “[Exact]” match check box. Also, make sure your “Advanced Options and Filters” settings are appropriately set for your research parameters.

Now, experiment with a list of keyword phrases related to your niche and see what comes up in the results. Look out for relevant keyword phrases that have low to medium competition and high monthly search volume.

You goal should be to develop a list of twenty or more keyword phrases. Then search those phrases on Google and check out the top five or six websites and read the articles, watch the videos, listen to the podcasts, join their lists, download their freebies, etc. Take notes as you do this and soon you will start generating a lot of ideas for creating original, high quality, relevant content of your own.

Create Content

Next you will be ready to produce articles around each different keyword phrase. So now it is time to move into the content production phase of your campaign.

Here, I would recommend that you develop a step-by-step routine which will turn single articles into a stream of content to different distributing outlets such as blogs and article directories. You should also consider using different media such as audio and video. This is what is meant by “repurposing” your content.

2. Re-purposing Your Content

This is a great way to use to improve your search results. You do this by reworking both the form and the content of your original article. The other thing you can do then is to use a keyword in your anchor text in the author’s resource box to link back to your landing page or to the original article.

Here are some ways you can do that:

1). After you have published your article on your website, rework the content and post it on your blog. One neat way is to just create a summary of the article to post on your blog and a keyword-rich anchor link to the full article.

2). Revise the article and distribute it on article directories such as

3). Make a video version of your article and post it on

With any of the three you will be able to link back to the correct page on your website. Don’t forget to use your keywords in your anchor link.

If you will use some of these ways you can rework your content and employ them to get better search engine rankings for your website.

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