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No matter how much preparation and planning you put into your online business, many times you will become discouraged and even experience failure. For many people, these are sufficient reasons to give up.

It takes mental strength to succeed as a home-based online business owner. If you have taken the initial steps and set up your home business, then you are already ahead of many people.

There are two keys to overcoming frustration and failures. First you must accept the fact that you will fail occasionally, and then learning how to turn frustration to positive action.

Frustrations build up when we reach our limits in various areas. In business, we constantly find ourselves frustrated by limited time, by resources, and by lack of knowledge. So, what should we do when we reach any of these points?.

1. Ask for Help

There are many sources on the Internet where you can find assistance for most any problem. There are also many successful experts who have experienced and overcome the same problems you are experiencing and are more than willing to help you.

2. Take Time Out

Sometimes if you just take a breather and relax you will gain a new point of view relative to your problem. I find that sometimes just going for a walk and enjoying some beautiful scenery or new surroundings will help.

You might even need to take off a whole day. The key is to give yourself a break.  This will allow you to take a fresh look at the situation. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover a new solution that you had not previously considered.

3. Re-evaluate Your Goals

You may find that your goals need clarification. Many planning experts believe that you should set one major goal with the end in mind and the work backwards to determine what you need to do to get there.

Another way to overcome frustration is by prioritizing your tasks and narrowing your focus. Rethink your priorities and eliminate some of the time consuming activities that are not really that important.

If you budget allows you may outsource some activities. After all, you cannot be an expert in all facets of marketing an online business and outsourcing will permit you to spend more quality time on those things you can do best.

Revaluating your priorities and focusing on your end goal, asking for help when you need it, and not pushing yourself when you become discouraged are three ways to help you overcome your lack of success in your online business.

Walt Gemmell

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year!

I would like to wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas. Please take some time to reflect on the meaning of Christmas.

What about Christmas is important to you, not to others? Is it choosing that perfect present for someone special? Is it sharing time with family and loved ones?

Whatever it means to you, slow down for a while. Your business and the everyday events of your daily life are important, but take some time out and enjoy time with family and friends. Enjoy a quiet moment over a cup of coffee or tea or call a friend you haven’t seen for some time. You might even consider sharing your holiday meal with someone who has no one to share with.

However you choose to spend the Holidays, may your dinners be tasty and your family gatherings not drive you crazy. And wherever you are have a great time, and remember to give more than you receive.

Faith makes all things possible,

Hope makes all things work,

Love makes all things beautiful,
May you have all the three for this Christmas.

Walt Gemmell

Because it is so quick and easy to get started, establishing a home-based Internet marketing business is an attractive option for many people. However, starting is the easy part. Succeeding is a very different matter.

Affiliate marketing is inexpensive and easy to get started so that is where a great number of people begin. Network marketing programs are also attractive to newbies. Unfortunately, the majority of these people fail.

On the other hand, a minority, go on to become successful internet marketers. In many cases those who succeed do not start out with any financial or educational advantages over those fail.

So, what accounts for this difference in results?

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By Michelle Vo

Some people may find it hard to understand the proper way to build and operate their own home based business. That said, it can be easy to do if you know what you’re doing. Finding information about running a home business, like what you are about to read, will help ensure a successful home business.

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An Indispensable Writing Tool

A small but indispensable writing tool if you’re serious about writing is a notebook; I mean the paper kind and not the computer. Yes, that’s right, a notebook. It should be carried around whenever you leave your home or office. Here’s why:

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Twitter is just one of the social networking platforms through which businesses can gain a true and better understanding of their prospects and even serve as real time sources for market research and analysis.

Interactions of social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook can help you realize engagement and even make sure that sales are executed in the right manner. Twitter and Facebook are just two of the most commonly used media platforms. There are many others that you can add to the list.

If you learn to use Twitter as part of your marketing strategy, you will gain improved customer engagement, increase your overall appeal to potential customers, and greatly increase your opportunity for internet marketing success. Research has shown that 67% of Twitter users are likely to buy from or even recommend a brand or product they follow.

You can use the platform to get customer feedback on current campaigns and products and also use it to figure out what your customers need. If you want to get the best out of Twitter in as far as achieving internet marketing success, these Twitter marketing tips can offer you some great insights.

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3 Simple Steps to Writing Great Articles

Amateur writers write for the sake of writing. While this may create copious amounts of inconsequential content or provide them personal pleasure, it does nothing to increase business prospects, improve the world, or move their audience to take action.

So what is the goal of writing great articles, and how can it change your presentations? Professional writers always have one main goal in mind with everything they write: to transform their audience.

Great writers strive to help their audience see through different eyes, act differently, change the way they interact with the world.

Anyone can throw words together and make complete sentences (case in point: most of the blogosphere), but if you want to actually have impact through your writing, you must learn to write for transformation. It’s the difference between being merely informative and being compelling and persuasive.

There are three simple steps to transformational writing: 1) writing for a specific audience, 2) using the right venue, and 3) choosing and executing the right type of transformation (there are three).

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