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Have you found it difficult to get followers and to brand yourself as someone who has credibility as an internet marketer? If that seems to be your problem perhaps you should give thought to writing a book.

You say, “who me?” I am not a writer and beside that it is too hard. While it may be easier said than done it’s not as difficult as you may think.

One reason I say this is if you have been blogging for awhile, you can revise and adapt your blog posts into a book format.

Another reason is, it’s no longer necessary to use a publishing house to publish a book.

There are many online options for self-publishing, including three that we will look at in this article.
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Overcome 4 Fears to Master The Ability to Sell

Of the thousands of people who start an online business each day it is estimated that only about 5% are successful. There are many reasons the failure rate is so high but the one vital skill that seems to be missing is developing the ability to sell.

There are some who are a natural when it comes to the ability to sell, but for most it is an acquired skill. If you are willing to learn and develop your sales skills you can master the ability to sell.

Regrettably, a lot of people do not want to have to deal with the time and effort required in building an online business. They realize that “Internet marketing” is not as easy as they anticipated, and they simply quit.

Why be one of those people? Focus on the vision you have for your business and the goals you are aiming to achieve through it.
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How to Become an Article Writing Machine

Writing articles is a very important part of content marketing. Quite often, however, we who write articles seem to run out of ideas or get what is known as writer’s block.

I read this article by Charlie Page earlier this week on how to write articles and want to share it with you. Following are some of Charlie’s comments from this article:
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Businesses large and small and all sizes in between generally follow the same steps from beginning to end in building their business .

The author of this article is one of my favorites. Seth Godin is an

American author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker.

Following are the four steps of organizational growth from his article:

“We see the same four steps, over and over:

Struggle: At the beginning, no one knows what you make or why they need it. They are unaware and distrustful too.

Servant: As a soon-to-be-successful organization gains traction, it has a choice.

Bully: As the organization gains power (and constituents) it is under pressure to increase profits and market share and lock in.

Utility: No organization stays in bully mode forever.

While the easy examples to find are the famous, international ones, this can happen on the micro level, within industries or locations or sects as well.”

Seth Godin introduced the idea that advertisements on television and radio are “interruption marketing” which interrupt the customer while they are doing something of their preference. Godin promoted the concept of “permission marketing” where the business provides something “anticipated, personal, and relevant”

I find his articles thought provoking and to the point. Read Four Steps on the Road to Organizational Growth, Dominance or Irrelevance to learn how to reach the “sweet spot” in building your business.

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Are SEO and Content Marketing the Same?

I know nothing about Scottie Leonard the author of this article; however, his critique of SEO and Content Marketing may supply for you an understanding of the relationship between them.

The article is brief and worth your time to read. Here are a few passages for your review:

“For a very long time, businesses have used content marketing as one out of the many different search engine optimization tools.

There is general consensus among internet marketers that content has to be of high quality so that enough traffic can be delivered to the target landing page.

In order to approve or disapprove content marketing for SEO, its impact has to be established. But how do you do this in your small business?

One of the best ways to find out if your content marketing – article writing, video or ebook – is bringing in the value desired is by looking at the organic traffic. Analytical tools like Google Analytics can help you in tracking organic traffic to your site.

You can also effectively track the performance of your content by watching the referrals that your contents generate on social media.

Read the complete article “Internet Marketing: Is Content Marketing Really SEO?” HERE to determine for yourself if Content Marketing and SEO are the same.

Walt Gemmell
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I have been publishing articles on content marketing for several weeks and recently read this one which
will provide another look into this method of marketing.

It will give you a better understanding of the differences between traditional and content marketing, why content marketing is better and why you should pay attention to content marketing.
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Is there any difference between article marketing and content marketing or are they simply two different terms with the same meaning?

Here are some excerpts from an article written by Sean Mize that will give you his answer to the question and how the two might be integrated into a single marketing campaign.
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