I purchased this product 2 years ago and I use it frequently. Therefore this is an authentic review of Market Samurai a product that I use on a regular basis.

What is Market Samurai?

Briefly, Market Samurai is software that can be used on either your PC or your MAC. It provides you with the entire vital search engine marketing functions you need. It is not just a keyword research tool; it is, in essence, an all-in-one internet marketing tool.

If you have done keyword research you know that keywords need to have high traffic and low competition. Market Sam is designed to make your internet marketing promotion much simpler and less time consuming.

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What Does It Do For You?

Market Samurai helps you complete vital internet marketing tasks efficiently and get better results than you’ve ever had before.

It is a great time saver and eliminates those items that may have previously wasted your time without providing any beneficial results.

It is also a good guide. It indicates your next move so that you avoid getting lost or diverted.

Videos to Help You

Keyword Research

Includes eleven videos to assist you in keyword research, assessing market competition, finding long tail keywords, how to sign up for a Google Adwords account, how to avoid targeting the wrong keywords, how to assess the commerciality of your keywords and more.

SEO Competition

The videos here are: introduction to SEO competition, how to assess the strength of competition, how to gain a competitive advantage and how to unmask your Google competition.


This tool shows you how to find a new domain name or even an expiring or dropped domains.


The videos for this feature teach such things as: an introduction to monetization, how to find products and assess market possibility, how to write a compelling ad in just minutes, how to publish an ad to your website, and how to sign up for the Google Adsense program.

Find Content

This feature allows you to find content in some of the largest article directories, blogs, YouTube and  news sites, and the video shows you how.

Publish Content

Here you learn how to add your WordPress blogs and publish the content you’ve found


This module allows you and the video shows you how to find backlink opportunities.

What is the Cost?

I would have expected to pay a pretty hefty monthly fee for a tool such as this but there is no monthly fee. The total cost is a one time payment of $149 which also gives you lifetime Market Samurai software updates giving you access to new and updated tools as they evolve.

You also get Priority Email Support from the help desk. I have used this service several times and it is outstanding.

What’s to Like About Market Samurai?

It is a great SEO research tool and I would define it as an all-in-one internet marketing tool. It’s incredible how the different modules have been arranged to make it easier and less time consuming to develop your internet marketing campaign.

If you use WordPress you can publish to one or more sites from Market Samurai.

There are continuous updates and improvements and they are all free.

The training and support are absolutely the best and you will find that the training is worth even more than the cost of the software.

What are the Weaknesses?

In the beginning you may be a little apprehensive due to the wealth of information that is available. The videos are very good and they are there to help you.

The Rank Tracker in Market Samurai is sufficient for many users but most dedicated rank tracker software is better.

I trust you have found this review of Market Samurai helpful.

This has been a product from which I have learned not only about keyword research and search engine optimization but also much more about internet marketing. There is so much information and I continue to learn, and I recommend this software to you without reservation.

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention you can try it free for 30 days and if you decide to purchase it within the first 7 days after you sign up you will save $52 off the $149 purchase price.

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