Here is a short article that I ran across the other day that provides more evidence that content marketing does work.

Following are a few excerpts from the article:

“But driving a lead to a website is one thing. Actually converting that lead into a customer is another.”

“So the Question Remains — Does Content Marketing Actually Work?
Our friends at Atlanta-based advertising agency and digital marketing firm MLT Creative have answered that question in the infographic below. The data was gathered at the HubSpot Inbound Marketing Conference and compiled by the good folks at MLT.”

The author of the article is Jamie Turner the CEO of the 60 Second Marketer and 60 Second Communications, an Atlanta-based advertising agency and digital marketing firm that works with national and international brands.
He is the co-author of “How to Make Money with Social Media” and “Go Mobile” and is a popular marketing speaker at events, trade shows and corporations around the globe.

I encourage you to read this brief article: “ Does Content Marketing Work? Here’s Your Answer.” Read it HERE!